There are times when we think we have it all figured out. We feel like we have control over our lives. Then boom, Mother Nature has a different lesson to teach. Recently we have had a volatility in our weather patterns here in the US. While in the northeast we had rain and slightly warmer temperatures, Florida and other parts of the south had arctic climates that they were not prepared for. In the meantime the mid west regions of Minnesota and Chicago were plummeted with several feet of snow. Canada saw temperatures that were more negative that the numbers of the hottest days in Africa. 55 degrees F in Massachusetts, yet -55 in Canada. California experienced earthquakes repeatedly.



The earth shook as if to get humanity back to its senses as one shakes a sleeping person to awaken from a dead sleep. Yet I am always amused at the reflection of how nature is revealing our own inner nature of turmoil. Our collective human consciousness plays a role in creating the external natural forces just as much as nature effects our moods and minds.




We are part of the planet equally as the planet is a part of us. WE are not separate, nor do we rule the planet. It is a symbiotic relationship. For now We cannot exist without this planet, as sometimes as a mother scolds her child, we too are disciplined by the forces of weather. Our inner moods are mimicked by the slashing rain, the unbending wind, a scorching hot day or the chilling temperatures. It is wise to pause and contemplate how the weather and our inner nature are actually one. To ask ourselves where is our point of balance? How and why did we stray from it? How do we come back to the center?




The language of nature is constantly in communication as an elephant or a whale sings their songs with the affordability of time and presence. Taking a few moments each day communing with the weather and understanding our own internal thermostats tends to recalibrate the mental and emotional barometer to permit flow. The density of the collective influences what we see as the polarity of weather.




The pendulum of the climates swing to extremes as do our moods. Internal to external and then back again as we whizz past the zero point of our heart center through our emotional instabilities. Mother Nature has her own tantrums but on a much more global scale. I wonder if the child cannot help to soothe the parent from time to time with inner reflective awareness.




Let go and flow.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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