“What troubles me most in the world right now?”


ANSWER: my thoughts …. there is nothing more in the world that can trouble me more than my own THOUGHTS


When my PERCEPTIONS of the world are imbalanced, my thoughts go awry and then the DECISIONS and ACTIONS are misaligned


The most troubling thing for me is when I lose sight of the greater VISION I have for helping and SERVING humanity and when I see others doing the same


We each fall into the FEELING of being UNSAFE… our thoughts then respond with the same


Thoughts become TRIGGERS and to escape these VULNERABILITIES we create judgments..


And since the judgments are usually never clear but created from the emotionally charged centers of our bodies and minds then we perpetuate them into FEARs


FEAR is how the world is reacting right now isn’t it?


In every aspect we are feeling fear.


yet by controlling our thoughts, we govern our emotions, and we don’t let the outside world GOVERN us


The only reason why there is mayhem is because we cannot govern ourselves so we get governed from the outside… by academia, pharmacia, medical establishments, religious institutions, governmental entities etc


Learn to govern thoughts and emotions and we then transform our lives to live deeply and from a space of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE


your powerful ally


Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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