Many moons ago I remember my crossfit coach Paul Lentini was carrying around a 50 pound sandbag and just holding it for 5 min Intervals…


I asked what was the purpose of this exercise?


To build a strong core.. he replied


So I got a sandbag at home and practiced… i saw the wisdom in this maneuver yet later stopped doing it for many moons again..


I picked up the habit once more a few weeks ago.. i soon thought that this was a silly idea and gave up.. i mean I don’t want to carry a heavy sandbag… it could be dangerous


Now Every day my little daughter runs up to me and gives me hugs and asks me to pick her up.. I do so without question and i carry her around….


She is 51 pounds..


Then it hit me yesterday while carrying her for 10 minutes.. she is no different in weight than the rejected sandbag… yet my mind made all the fuss that the bag was heavy, or that I was going to hurt myself etc…


Carrying max 50 pound suitcases for International flights on vacation was also no problem…


It’s all a perception of the mind.. the sandbag is heavy, yet my daughter is more than welcomed to be carried… and the suitcase is tolerable because it has my possessions in them….


The daughter is observed from the heart space..


The suitcase is looked at from the mind as an extention of the body’s material self


Yet the sandbag was rejected as it felt foreign, and cold


When we change the way we look at things.. what we look at then changes


Try keeping an open mind about everyone and everything… there are always different angles to observe everywhere…. gathering the full perspective is key


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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