So my last patient on Friday was a lovely 100 year old patient. I had to take a double look at the computer screen to check if was correct


I walked into the room and sat down… after we introduced ourselves I noticed that she only had one medical problem and only one medication!


She was quite cheerful with a marvelous disposition


We did our doctor patient thing.. and then I asked


” i have to ask you.. what is the secret to your longevity?”


She laughed a hearty laugh and said..


” I don’t eat junk food and eat a balanced diet… I make sure I exercise regularly… a little less these days but i walk every day…… I had a husband with a great sense of humor and I laughed alot and most importantly I do lots of puzzles and crosswords and reading.. to keep the mind sharp ”


Well there you have it folks.. the secret to longevity in a nutshell…


It’s what I have been trying to foster for myself and my patients for decades… diet, exercise, laughter, and balanced mind work….


I am sure genetics play a vital role.. but Here is the thing… with bad diet and lack of exercise and a negative disposition and imbalanced perceptions those good genetics turn off and the bad ones that lead to disease are activated….


I have polled my 90+ and centurion patients… albeit few but I have had quite a few over the last 22 years of being a healer… and the recipes of longevity appear almost always the same


Only those who are relatively disease free and live a long life can share these outlooks.. for they have lived them..


We bid each other good bye till the next visit…and as she was leaving i inquired…


” what is the greatest and worst progress that has been been made in humanity for the last 100 years ?”


She smiled and winked … and replied ” I am going to have to get back to you on that one at the next visit ”


She asked me “what do you think?”


I thought for a second and replied ” the internet and the microwave ”


We laughed..


Remember the elixir of life is not a chalice or a fountain… it is what you have always been looking for…’s been inside you all along… your heart space.. treat it well with love and grace


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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