Met a lovely patient today….


She is 87 years old and really with a heart of gold


I have been her Cardiologist for a long time


But sometimes its the patient who remembers how long.


No conversation ends till both parties have left the room


We had a lovely visit exploring all her symptoms and especially how to stay well and healthy


You see I don’t spend time looking at just illness, but look for the wellness in the body and see how to promote good health and not pretend to stamp out bad health


We both walked upto the door and in the hallway she turns to me and smiles


She was as tall as my shouder and grabbed my arm for balance.


As i supported her.. she paused.. so did i


She seemed to ponder at a memory. Then she said. ” you know I have known you for a long time ”


I smiled back and said “yes ” (knowing its been a while but for how long I could not be certain )


” i had my heart attack in June 2007. You were there holding my hand when it happened ”


I recalled the date from her medical charts but not the event till….


“I knew then that I could trust you, and you would never leave me. You became my heart doctor that day.” She said


The fragments of this story came back to me as I did indeed remember seeing her in the Emergency room more than a decade ago


“Thank you for reminding me” i stated


” i know you won’t leave me and will take care of my heart” she replied as she began to walk away from me under her own steam


I silently walked back to my office room with tears.


” I love what I do, i do what I love ” I mumbled under my breath


She was the universe replying back to any miniscule self doubt I had in what I do each day


Help, heal, serve 🙏


I know why I am here. There is certainty in that


Feels aligned and right


Your powerful ally


Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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