So last week had an odd encounter on the way to work…that left a significant impression


I was driving along this 5 mile stretch when I was stuck behind a slow poke driver.. i was getting frustrated inside as I wanted to be on time and get the day going… there was a lot to do at work and training after… I needed everything to be on time and according to schedule that day…


I started seeing the minutes of time expand out beyond my window… in my head I know exactly how long it will take me at various mile markers on the roads…. (a product of timed training)


Then I reached the turn…only to find a police officer blocking the road diverting all traffic..


Ugh.. now I am definitely going to be late.


I wondered if it was road construction that was going to delay me… more frustration and anger


I plugged my office address into the gps and started off on the long detours..


But Here is the thing… every time I managed to get back onto the main road after traveling into the mountainous detour there was a police officer stopping me to re divert elsewhere…


I finally back tracked all the way to my first diversion and then took the highway.. an extra 1 hour of unnecessary driving and 30 miles out of the way to get to the office!!


Later in the day it was announced that it was a fatal car crash on the same road that I travel on everyday that was the cause of the delays


My heart sank.. I sat in my chair at the office praying for the victims and also with gratitude


2 insights I thought I would share…


#1 each of us wake up everyday with a certain set of plans and things to do in our agenda for the day and night but we never know what may transpire and how our day will shift with possible bad news, illness, death, or some tragedy that will change the trajectory of our day and potentially Our Lives


Those victims in the car crash had no idea that that was going to be the end of their day and life so soon early in the morning


#2 had I not been delayed on the first 5 Mi stretch I do not know what would have happened to me later on down the road. Could I also have been part of that fatal car crash?


The universe has a very mysterious way of weaving our lives together and guiding us. By staying in gratitude for the moment it offers media opportunity to say surrendered to the wisdom of the universe


So Exploring Life in all its forms and being grateful for it is the best way to be alive


Be healthy be safe


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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