Official pics are in from the race..


As i look over these pics, i ponder to myself… what was i thinking in doing this race… and so I am reminded of the thought…


“in order to eat, one must be hungry.”


We can only achieve something if we have a desire… when we stay in balance we remain in neutrality..we have to be one step ahead in order to create…


Much as an artist may be balanced and poised and Inspired.. a spark of desire to create something beautiful unbalances them to pick up the paint brush


A musician composing a piece of music begins as the fire of genius is fanned, stepping them out of neutrality.


There is nothing wrong with desire.. it pushes us in the direction of experience.


Desire to manifest, the desire to do better, the desire to create are all part of the grounding of our soul into the earthly plane…. and with this grounding we establish the opportunity to experience


So stay hungry to create, to live, to explore, to wonder


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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