To be loved


When I have been wronged by someone it is so easy to judge, get bitter, and become unforgiving. All I know is how I feel. The anger, the hurt and the desire of revenge all become an amalgam of uncontrolled emotions, a weapon wielded by an unsteady mind. Most of what people do are a reaction to something from their past. An experience that has conditioned them. Their reaction towards us becomes an outlet of process.


But what if we desired to meet them to understand their past, not to eventually hurt them in revenge but to love them so they themselves hurt no more. If they no longer hurt they can no longer hurt. Yet in order for this to happen I must first look beyond my initial reaction to their action and pause long enough to understand their past. I am merely a brunt of their frustrations and not a cause of it. Realizing they cause necessitates looking at their past.


Yet who really has the time to delve into a person’s past? If your goal is to help and not be hurt, then at the very least for the sake of self preservation, this becomes a vital and integral tool. Allowing their past to breathe back into the present unfolds the anger and hurt and transforms it into love by simply hearing it.


Now what if this was done for you. Someone taking the time to understand your past to show you that you can and need to be loved and not hated. Would you react in anger towards them or would you turn your rage into gratitude ? We are not defined by our pasts, we are defined by what we do with our pasts.


Healing comes from loving the past and not by punishing ourselves for it. We all deserve to be loved.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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