Strawberry Full moon


Lots of unrest arrives with this lunar phenomena this month as we head to an intensifying full moon. It may be feeling like being stuck, as if whatever you do is simply not enough.


Remember all that you have already accomplished in the first half of this year already. The shifting, the clearing, the mental and professional and personal challenges have all not been for naught. This energy is about staying focused, grounded and rooted into who you are and what goals you have planned to fulfill. This is very heavy energy that is going to linger for the next few weeks. Figure out the lessons that need learning quickly, confront them, and push through the thickness of this event.


Trust yourself, and your universe. To this end I have written a potent invocation to help you through these energetic times. Sit comfortably and repeat 3x.


I summon the power of the moonlit energy


I remain grounded and firm


I maintain my focus and my goals


I am steadfast in my purpose


I am rooted within my dreams


I am balanced in my vision


I am in gratitude for my future


I create what I need for my mission to come to pass


I am forever more free to win my own race



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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