There is a lot of fun riding with friends. Hopping on to the bike and off we go, exploring different roads and treks and destinations. Yet there are some deeper lessons that I find myself discovering each time.

The first is the concept of VULNERABILITY. Anything can happen when we are in motion on a 2 wheeled vehicle. A fall, a crash, a collision, getting caught in severe weather like a rain storm or even a damaged bike, just to name a few. There is no real protection. We are completely exposed to the elements which promotes the fragility of our own mortality. To experience this and be incapacitated by it, treads into the realms of fear. But there is a beautiful opportunity here to face that vulnerability and grow. Dealing with our own Vulnerability affords us to dissolve our egos and keep ourselves in check.

The second lesson is the idea of ACCOUNTABILITY. When we are on the roads, there is usually traffic. There are the road rules to follow and the self accountability to be aware of. Self awareness breeds accountability. Yet it is up to us to take charge of our own lives in all forms . Bicycling is just one such experience that highlights this feature. To become accountable in all walks of life be they in a family dynamic, a vocation, or our mental and physical health, or our own financial wellbeing, we have to become accountable to our selves first. Once we do this we become accountable to the universe.

The third lesson is the fundamental of RESPONSIBILITY. It is great to have friends on the trip, yet if something happens there is not much that our traveling companions can do. When I was exhausted while riding this weekend, my friend offered for me to draft behind him for a bit. The idea being that if I were to ride close to his back tire then it is less effort for me while riding, and less energy so I could recover. However it was still my responsibility to keep up or for that matter be strong enough to keep riding. It is our responsibility to ourselves to succeed and grow and not simply rely on others. A teacher or coach can teach us the knowledge and try to keep us accountable but it is up-to us to become responsible with that knowledge and turn it into wisdom through experience.

Vulnerability of self, transforms into accountability of the self that leads to responsibility of the self. The magic happens when the self accountability becomes responsibility to humanity is when we burst open the cocoon of our own vulnerability.

Who knew that riding a bicycle would teach me so much about life and even more about mySelf. It is a journey that is far from over. Immensely grateful for the opportunity to explore all this in one lifetime.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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