Spring snow


The harsh winter gives way to spring. A season of regrowth and rebirth arrives on the wings of the morning sunshine. The cold dormancy of the old is warmed as the season clock turns bringing with it the ideas of creativity. Underneath the snow lay the secret plots of what was to come. The melting snow waters the life buried within. The seeds stir from their long slumberous nights. The soil awakens with a shifting yawn. The light finds its way through the snowy blanket and tickles the earths skin.


Life has been patiently waiting underneath its cold protection, getting ready to release its magical offering to an awaiting world. The engine of creation is never asleep. Silently deep within the core it churns, steams, revolves. A power house of motion teeming with potential waiting to be unleashed.


The illusion of the trick is always back stage. Not in view of the audience we hold our breath with anticipation for the “prestige”. This is nature in full swing in spring, revealing its beauty for all to be in awe. Yet the first 2 parts ( the pledge and the turn) are hidden away deep beneath the ground. As the snow melts, the veil of the show is pulled.


The time to rest is over, the time for motion of natures heart comes alive in this season of spring.


Enjoy every moment of every bird chirp, flower blossom, the green growth, the trees full with shelter. Nothing lasts forever and soon it will be time for the curtain to be drawn again and for nature to rest and sleep.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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