Long ago in medical school classmates and patients had a hard time saying my last name.. probably still do..

I used to try to break up the name.. Bhat.. nagar.. i would enunciate ….but still it would be hard

So one day a class mate yelled out across the room…hey batman..

And since then I have kept that identity.. with a twist ..

Dr Bhatman

I then drove a black suv.. usually fast .. and took on the persona of batman… even my blog pen name was Dr batman, the brown knight !

It became part of me, and my patients would show up in the hospital and when asked who their Cardiologist was… oh Dr BHATMAN they would say. .

My office staff know me too well when they got me this custom shirt for Xmas.(much gratitude)

Heart doc and superhero…. in one

Cardiologist by day… brown knight (author) by night

Always dress for the task you are aiming for !

The Cardiologist you need and the inspirational author you deserve
I love you

Author: Brown Knight


  1. You are the bestman !!
    Best Doctor !!

  2. You are the Best Batman EVER!!!

  3. I like the way you reframed a stupid yell into something empowering.

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