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“In this crazy time of covid19, there is a weird distortion of the entire holiday season. To many it may feel secluded, barren, and cold. Yet to others, the cheer of the holidays is still very much alive and burning strong in their hearts.

Regardless of how the holidays may feel, the magic has always remained the same in the human heart; our perceptions change joy and happiness into loneliness and misery.

This is my attempt at bringing the balance back to the season.

There are some subscribers to the Shelf paradigm and use it to coax the children to behave, obey and follow the rules this winter season.

Essentially, it is used as an opportunity to reduce the stress that most adults face while buying gifts. As well as meeting family expectations to prepare meals and decorate the splendor of the season each year with more extravaganza of holiday glitter.

A strategy well enforced that an elf is watching so they “must be good”; otherwise, they will end up on Santa’s naughty list, and no presents will be provided. An archaic parenting tool that really has little applicability as the children still get their gifts, as the parents’ guilt is played out irrevocably.

In our house, we have had the tradition of a mysterious creature who visits each night after Thanksgiving night and has the amazing ability to keep a protective watch over the children. He travels by night and returns to bring great wisdom to the people of earth. We have had many a great chat that I then pen to paper and share with the world.

So, I took the unique opportunity to interview this magical wonder. So come join me on this lovely, heartfelt interview of the origins of this entity and bring forth some of his universally inspired wisdom to you on this joyous season that is filled with magic and mystery.

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My Interview with an Elf

With love,

Dr Bhatnagar

Author: Brown Knight

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