A tale of a coffee bean

Long have I held the notion that the relationship of coffee beans and water is that the latter transforms the former. In all my time of studying the bean and trying to become a barista I have never had such an ephony so stunning.

Well firstly a little misnomer. The bean is in fact a fruit, but that is another story. With the quick grinding and the keen proportion of fuming water, the bean is transformed into an aromatic concoction of culinary delight with the possibility of innumerable flavors. A tastebud’s dream holiday come true with every sip is every coffee drinkers goal.

Yet what if the entire notion was wrong and in fact reversed. It is not the water that transforms the coffee bean. It is the bean that transforms the water into the coffee.

The magic of the bean infuses and alchemizes the water into another liquid altogether. Only once in human history has a feat such as this been performed that was by one divine person who transformed water into wine. The bean has its own claim to fame and glory as it transforms water into an explosive coffee beverage every day every 90seconds all over the world.

This has taught me something very profound. A hard bean is able to perform such an amazing task with no want of anything in return. An unconditional one way metamorphosis is rarely seen in nature.

Now try to convert the hardest and toughest of personalities with the single act of love into a magnificent being filled with the flavors of generosity, compassion, decency, humility and integrity. Yes it may be by breaking the hard shell of the bean or person to their very core with the heat of an external stimuli such as the water or life’s events in the case of a person.

However, the unconditional love is the catalyst of any reaction to begin any process. You and I are fully able to transform from the negative, bitter and hatred filled traits that we may still harbor as humans with a single act of unconditional love.

Infuse yourself wholeheartedly into the world with unconditional love and find yourself more part of a delightful and grateful planet eager to explore a bright future. You are the best expresso that money cannot even buy, as you bring joy into the world with your attitude and gratitude.

You are the most delicious way to start and end any day.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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