Got it done. 2.4 mile swim (4000yards) in 2 hours flat. Unbroken.

The last time I attempted this swim was in March of this year in 2 hours 26minutes. I had not learned how to swim with technique and I got into the pool and was inspired by a post by a triathlete who had done 3000 yards that day. I wanted to experience what that would feel like. But then I kept going. One length at a time, with breaks as I could not do consecutive lengths.

Now I can.

I admired my training friends who could do lengths without stopping. Been pushing myself to learn and build it up. SHAVED OFF 26 minutes and kept it unbroken. And moreover felt great after… enough stamina to get on to the bike after….. but that is another story.

160 lengths of back and forth in an empty pool with nothing but just my own conversations and counting up and down.

10… 20 ( feeling good warmed up) … 40 ( dont look at the watch just keep swimming) …. 60 ( this is getting boring ).. 80 ( yay half way done), 100 ( only 60 left but what if I die), 120 ( only 60 left that’s like 3x 20 I can do that), 140 ( come on I have 20 left that is like my warm up), 150 ( can I just quit, this is terrible), 156 ( no talking just 4 more) 158 ( all out lets do this )

Endurance training as I am discovering, is not about competing with someone else, yet moreover it is about becoming comfortable with oneself. Usually we are distracted by the outside world but to now listen beyond the mind noise to one’s own heart beat and the unnerving silence can be deafening.

Getting fully grounded into the body, and feeling the senses of swim, with each stroke, each breath inhale, with each exhale bubble, with each wave. Experiencing the temperature of the water, the movement of the muscles, and the forward propulsion’s, the glides, the catch and release of the water. Letting go and being connected to the water and the flow of life.

It is about self “competing “ but not trying to beat anything except see where the limits can be undone and expansion of progress can be attained. Personally it is about discovering the gift of patience that is born out of my shadow of impatience. Boring becomes transcendent.

Long distances are about dissolving mindsets, at least for me.

Feeling good about doing this iron distance swim. So many fears had surfaced when I first started back in march, when I had to learn how to…. Eh everything about swimming. Still long way to go to train with even better technique and form, but that is the beauty of this journey, it does not end, for there is no perfection, there is just evolution and improvement. Sort of like life huh?


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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