Have you laughed lately?

Laughter is the best medicine. This age old saying has stood the test of time. Having a sense of humor has its benefits. Laughter brings people together, and breaks down walls and barriers. Whether watching a comedy on TV or attending a comedy show, the tears are of jocularity and everyone feels good at the end of the show.


Laughter stimulates the nerves, the immune system and by also increasing lymphatic flow during the act of laughter. Blood pressure has been found to also drop during laughter. Mainly this could be from decreased stress during laughter.

Laughter improves moods and attitudes and keeps you youthful by stimulating a variety of hormones. There is plenty of interesting research to demonstrate that when depressed or physically ill individuals that are exposed to an environment where children are laughing or human laughter in general, this improves their overall general condition.

There are some studies that note that children laugh on average 150 times a day and adults only 3 times a day. Have we forgotten how to laugh?

Laugh a little or laugh a lot, just laugh.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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