Living with opposites

The world is made up of opposites.

Front and back.
Left and right.
Up and down.
Good and Bad.
Here and there.
Happy and Sad.

The list goes on. The duality of it all gives us an orientation but not only in a time and space dimension, yet also in our spiritual, emotional, mental and relationship dimensions. In each aspect of our Selves there is a duality that is present.

We can take one option or the other option but not both. It is in the “in between” that we really dare to live. The space where we choose to breathe and then manifest the choice. It is not the Here or the There, but the in between where we exist. It is not in the mind or the body, yet in the heart space where we feel the essence of creation before it is created.

We are shifting. Of this there is no doubt. You have felt it. I have felt it. We have felt it. We as a collective of mass consciousness is feeling it. We may not know what to call it, yet we feel what it is.

A shift. For the better. We are bombarded with a host of emotions too numerous to feel. Clouded by the fog of judgment we are led by the voices of others in what appears to be a chaotic world. Filled with empty promises we navigate the night blindly with fear. However the fog is the in between.

This is where we open up our hearts and senses and make sense of the choices and evolve. We can choose to inhale the fog and breathe out a reality that is manifest with our heart felt thought constructs.

No one said rebuilding a world is easy . Rebuilding our vocabulary is just as necessary.

Frustration into tolerance
Anger into understanding
Fear into Love
Chaos into calm
Ridicule into patience

Things are shifting fast. We are moving from the old paradigms into new programming. We have to take our deep seeded emotions of fear from within and bring them into the shallow waters to release them.

The past gives way into the future but only through the present. There is no other way. We are the in between. Procrastination is transformed into the moment of Now as we convert the unseen into the seen.

We become no longer the duality. We are renamed as the non duality.

We are .
I am.
This moment.
No other.

We can become more than we are and become a trinity of the here, there and the in-between. It is in the embracing of a new identity that we can create from within the fog.

It is the thundering of the awakened heart space that calls us in the night, guiding us with its gentle voice and leading us by the hand out into the light. All we have to do is pause and listen.

Do you feel your fog dissipating ?
I.Love You

Author: Brown Knight

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