Perhaps you have felt it over the last several weeks, in the form of mental chaos, emotional upheavals, the anxieties of being drained, the perturbed feeling of confusion, the uneasiness of the world and the life as your senses know it to be.

You are not alone. A massive upheaval is being felt as the world, nay the galaxy shifts and attempts to get back to its center. It is like all the planets have been tossed up in space like marbles, shaken off their celestial tilts and settling down again. With Mercury retrograde completed and the bigger planets arriving to their zodiac alignments we are invited by the beautiful full moon, known as the Hunters moon or the Blood moon ( so named for the color of fall leaves or the blood of the hunt) to explore something more powerful.


There is a tremendous “push forward” energy that is propelling our energetic sails across the dark space of our goals and dreams. We are asked simply to feel the intenseness of our past and let it go and step into the new energy of our future with trust and faith. It is easy to feel burned out if we do not pause and explore our triggers that lay beneath the frustrations and disappointments and resultant angers.

A nudge by the universe is welcome at this time as we propel towards our deepest goals through intuition. Fears and doubts have long kept many of us stagnant, but now no more. This lunar energy allows us to access the higher realms with ease and level up.

It is a time to observe what habits work and what does not and make that transformative shift with skill, patience and leap forward through the portal of our destiny.

Instead of an invocation, I would invite you to simply rest and feel the forces pulling you in all directions and pay particular attention to the tug of the threads of your intuition through the lens of your heart. Prepare to speak your truth, live authentically, and clearly state your needs as an offering to the magic that unfolds.

The planetary drama is reflected in our seemingly chaotic lives and volatile emotions, but now is a time to pause and simply surrender. Make room for something new in the light. So while you contemplate the mysterious power of this moon, no hustle, no bustle, don’t DO anything, just BE.

Blessings of love, light and wisdom.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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