During my recent long 100 mile bike ride we were asked to stay together…

The idea being that the closer we are together, we take part in a physics principle of drafting… in which each person in the back or center can draw off the stronger riders in the front…

Ergo we can be going at a faster speed As a group than in single file at a much slower speed and more effort individually

Well after the first 45 miles of what felt like eternal hills… i wasn’t fast and was at the back… way back and I was pushing myself every step of the way with full effort and not enough speed.. probably at 15 to 16 mph.

Yet on my return journey from Mile 80 to 109 I refused to be at the back and realized that if I just kept up and stayed tucked in with as many riders as I could… well that was my ticket home with less work..

So I gathered myself all the way to the group and stuck with the main group as many times as I could.. and every time I was being passed by other riders I pushed to stay ahead…

I found i was at 20 to 24 mph while actually not feeling i was burning out my legs !! I was drafting…finally !!

So this is what geese do when flying together in those V shapes I thought !!!

But the lesson for me was not just to stay with the group and conform…

Yet moreover when we are with inspired people with the same mindsets ( as we were completely inspired to do this charitable ride and get home)… then we can accomplish anything

I was not stealing someone else’s energy but adding to the collective by helping the next person close to me on the side or behind me

And when we are truly together with a single inspired thought in mind, body, spirit there is a powerful energy that we harness from the collective consciousness of the group to keep going and reach our goal… energy-efficient transference!!!

This happens in all walks of life too.. when we simply come together as a union of hearts from a space of love and vibrate that energy outward to everyone and they join us in the same

Stay together.. especially in these times of division.. only the heart brings us all back in divine unison

We are all individuals of the whole…yet never apart and never forgotten when we see ourselves as the whole not just a part of it
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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