There are times when we feel we did our best and yet it was not good enough when we compared our best to the best of others.

This inherently makes us feel that we have failed….or not good enough

We may even plot our progress on a chart and then find surprisingly that it is not always an exponential curve

Yet the truth is that it does not have to be.

Our best is not always going to be a linear rising on a graph…

There will be times when what we thought was our best does not measure up to someone else’s standards… thats the rub… someone ELSE’S STANDARDS..

DOing our best is about BEING our best..

showing up each time when we didn’t even want to

Being authentic to our selves and pushing forward when others said we could not do it

Being self accountable when the odds seem stacked up against us

Showing up with integrity and honesty to our core values when everyone around us is forcing us to abandon them

Our best looks different each day to others but yet is the same within us

A lesson that is taking a lifetime for me to learn in all 7 areas of life…

“Don’t compare, just be my best in each moment of each day ”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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