Last night’s Meditative musings of the ” full moon”

She rises to her exhaulted throne, high up in the clear night sky,

Her power is within the moonlight,

I bow and surrender my fears into the brilliance of the shining,

They are received with compassionate expediency and strong arms

I feel with my heart and from across the radiance of the moon,

I reclaim my Divine dreams of wonder and freedom,

The clarity of purpose is honored and set ablaze as the veil of the eclipse becomes the full moon again,

The magic of the moonlight has softly spoken:

“Let it be…”

Separation is no more

Peaceful serenity is my conversation

Unconditional love is my speech

Memorizing and purifying the moonlight is,

Bare, stripped of ego

Refreshed, I embrace my dawn of my own strength

Recharged I welcome the sunrise of a new adventure

Rejuvenated, there is no burden that I carry.

I Love You

Author: Brown Knight

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