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Divide or unite

We are in the throes of another great divide and segregation of humanity. At the moment it is the battle of the Vxed and the UnVxed. Coercion and forced rules and regulations continue to separate humanity. Yet there are pros and cons for both choices.

Yet decades ago we had the same but this time it was with the idea of race. Segregation was abound with the color of our skin determined where we ate, drank, housed, or even type of employment.

Decades prior to that we had further division with the notion of gender differences. Men and women were not created equal and so the great division of rights and liberties spread throughout the world, albeit for centuries.

Even before that the division of the caste system through religious superiority was the means the keep humanity enslaved and apart. Still t this day this is the case in many countries separating people in all walks of life.

When we see how the tools of difference have been keeping the engine of control in power and humanity deeply disempowered we see a pattern and then ask the questions why is this happening? Who is doing this ? What are we going to do about this ? How do we come back together?

When we see things through the lens of our mind, then we will always see separation as our ego continues to always choose to preserve us as an individual and not as part of something greater. Our mind is designed to look at polarity. Yet when the heart takes over the game it tends to integrate all perceptions into a single state of consciousness, namely love. It brings humanity back into unison and harmony.

It is wise to not see oneself as separate of the collective consciousness of humanity, yet an integral part of the whole. What unites us is far greater than what divides us. What we teach the next generation is key for they are the ones to bring balance to the scales of division. Yet if all we teach them is hatred, resentment, division then the case for humanity’s survival is lost.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Thank you for this! Love the photo and the message!!

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