Act of Random Kindness

So as the finishers were coming in, my friends and I took a break from cheering down at busy main st lake placid and decided to search for icecream…

As we walked through the crowds, we greeted the race finishers as they huddled with their families and congratulated them.. they were easy to identify with medals around their necks as we were with our volunteer shirts

I came upon one lady finisher on the side of the road…she was hobbling on her left leg bracing with her friend…..

I said “congrats you did awesome”

She Replied with a smile ” thank you.. and thank you for volunteering, it was very much needed”

Then I noticed that her smile was concealing a grimace and her balance was off…

I asked “you look like you are in pain”

She answered ” yes my leg is in spasm and I can’t bend down to tie my shoe ”

I instinctively said ” how may I be of service ” and I bent down to the ground and began to untie her shoe and readjust it and re tie it with a less tight knot.. presumably her foot is now swollen and causing her pain

She was so happy

” Is this better? ” I asked

” yes thank you so much ” she replied

” hope to see you next year, I am hoping to do this race next year” I said.

She Replied ” I may volunteer next year, and I hope that you have plenty of volunteers to come to help you if you need it as you just did for me”

No words. Tears swelled my tired eyes.. I bowed my head a little and said thank you for this blessing…wished her well and we parted ways.

2 total strangers coming together … one in need and the other able to serve….

There was no conversation or discussion about profession, race, color, gender, age, athelete status….

Just an act of random kindness….

The roles may very well be reversed and I may need help one day

Nugget of wisdom for me was that we each never know who needs help or assistance…

We do make the world a better place by helping each other and in doing so help the world…..

There is the opportunity for service at every corner… sometimes right in front of us while walking down a busy street.

We look but don’t see, we hear but don’t listen…. time to change
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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