The other day while in the pool I had a vision….

When we are in the womb all we know is the safety of our surroundings… we are constricted by the size of the womb.. till we grow and get ready to be born and face our next challenge

When we are in the bathtub as a little baby or infant we explore the depths and boundaries at bathtub….. till we grow bigger to face the next challenge

When we are in a swimming pool we are restricted to the length and breadth of the pool as we have grown up enough to do laps… till we are able to then go for open water at the lake or pond…

We pursue this distance till one day we allow ourselves to be free to swim in the ocean without boundaries….

The same applies for our minds….

When the mind is stretched beyond its boundaries by facing bigger and greater challenges we grow in leaps and bounds till one day the mind that was once stretched cannot go back.

I can finally swim in a lake or pond beyond what I thought I could…

I am excited to explore what next challenge awaits so I may go beyond my comfort and expand myself to swim in an ocean…. because then there is no going backwards…

There is only forward momentum of self evolution
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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