Apostrophes are like little “pauses” of the English grammar. They are meant to show possession when used correctly. Look at the word above. IMPERFECT. The state of not being perfect, or to have a flaw. When we look at ourselves with critical disdain we may come to inaccurate conclusions.

Yet if we take possession of our lives and pause long enough to take stock of our gifts and abilities then we are able to discover that the grammatical “pause or apostrophe ” bears a different weight.

It frees us to reveal our own natural perfection. I’M PERFECT. The meaning of the word IMPERFECT transforms into a whole different term with this apostrophe.

Throw in an apostrophe now and then into our lives, and watch the disruption of our routine thoughts make a difference and magnify our greatness within.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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