“ Let us go run a race” it is fun they said.

“Let us go climb a mountain” it will be fun they said.

Why is it that some activities appear to be more enjoyable than others despite the perceived torture or hard work that is involved? I have lately been observing many friends perform amazing feats at various races which I would have thought almost impossible in the past. Till I started doing some of them.

There is a wild card that is introduced into any and all activities that transform the experience. It is having FUN. This may sound simple, or even childish, but in reality I have been studying this phenomenon and discovered it to be quite true. No matter how mundane or tortuous the activity, if we add in the element of FUN, the entire experience shifts.

I have tried this at work, or at home while doing mundane chores like laundry or dishes, or even in exercising like biking, running, swimming, that I once thought to be tedious and complicated or with activities what I thought would be too difficult. The moment I added the wild card of fun, things changed. I enjoyed them more, got better at them, got faster.

There were psychologic and physiologic changes too. My mood was more up beat, I was less irritable, I felt confident, I had a sense of accomplishment and I even had more energy to do more activities later. When we change our perception of things, the things we look at simply change.

It is almost like adding a special sauce to the meal on the plate that radically transforms the taste. We may often think that the activity we are about to undertake is arduous and then it becomes so, and we say “see I told you that was a terrible idea.” Almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. Yet if we simply add “ this is going to be fun” and then infuse those words with that same energy into whatever it is that we are doing, we may discover a different outcome.

There is a deep inspiration that is awoken when we choose to make something fun. We may even explore the lighter side of life when we are making it a choice to have fun rather than wait for something to happen. If we observe children they seem to master this idea very well. In the process of bewilderment to explore life and learn from their world, when they install fun into their day, their experiences shift and they assimilate their world better. Learn better, integrate faster.

Now if only I could synthesize and bottle up fun and sell it, that would be amazing, but for now i am going to just let people explore their inner fun and see what happens.

Have fun, you may just like it. FUN knows no boundaries of age, creed, gender, religion, occupation, activity. This may be one of the most amazing gifts that the universe has given us.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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