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Gut imbalances

Yesterday was a weird sort of day. Felt tired, exhausted, and bloated. Fuzzy in the head, irritable, mood was off. For me sometimes the lack of sleep has something to do with it, but other times it is what I have eaten that day. I had general Tsos Tofu with brown rice at lunch. That did not sit well at all, as later in the day I started feeling uncomfortable. It was not food poisoning, it was just something that my gut was not too happy with, and clearly my DNA wasn’t either.

Why am I writing about my bowels one might ask. Well it’s actually not about the bowels but the brain. So we have numerous brain centers. Not just the one in our skull, but also our gut with all its intelligent bacteria is a brain in itself. Constantly receiving data from the outside as we literally begin to lick and taste our external world with our tongue and digest and process that info throughout our gut and transmit that information through all our cells.

Our gut is a living brain with its biome. So next time we say “ I have a gut feeling” it may just be our belly brain telling us something important. So if we take in foods that do not agree with us, or eat when we are not mind and gut brain centered then the food that is added to our DNA may be rejected by our guts. This imbalance of the biome effects our mind, thoughts, agitates our fears, doubts and our decisions are impacted.

We have some other brains too. Our heart is an entire conscious “brain” in itself. Also fully aware like our head brain and gut brain, it is able to make decisions and respond to our external environments.

We have another brain. It is our immune system that is in constant motion evaluating internal and external environments with its hundreds of receptors and reports back to the gut, heart and brain. Our nervous system is an amazing conduit that communicates to all these “ brains “and the mini brains of our organs which are like little world unto themselves.

Imagine expansively, if we all are simply little cells in the “body” of the universe, also transmitting data around the earth, cosmos. And if we are irritable, unhealthy what kind of messages are we signaling back to the universal body.

Anyway I suspect my gut was the cause of my imbalance yesterday, today feeling better. Or it could be due to the solar eclipse coming but that is for tomorrow’s post 🙂


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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