There are times when we are invited to surrender to the moment and explore the stillness.

A most uncomfortable feeling for the mind that is in constant Flux and movement with matters of past and future.

To simply stop and witness the abundance of the moment with poise and presence is a task we are all called to do when humbled by the majesty of nature

It is only when we surrender…. and I mean truly surrender from heart and soul with the mind that is still, that we discover that we are not alone..

We are supported by an infinite universe that is constantly with us in each moment, not for us to survive but to thrive.

We observe this universe in action only when we pause and are in a state of non reaction. When we dare to slow down our busy lives, we see the wonders of the cosmos in motion.

With grace and gratitude we open up the opportunity for unconditional love.

With surrender we enter the gateway to untold possibilities

We are never alone.. we are loved and we are that which we have been seeking our whole lives…

The universe In human form as an expression of divine love
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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