I hear from patients, friends, and family that they have lots of problems. I have them too. Social media and the news are littered with people having problems. ” You have no idea what kind of problems I have” or ” You cannot even deal with any of my kind of problems” or ” My problems are so big no one can handle them” and so the woes continue.

So if we were all to take each of our own problems and put them in a giant pile. Yours, mine, and everyones who we know and don’t know. All our problems regardless of whether they are financial, personal, vocational, relationships, political, spiritual etc. are all thrown into the mix.

And now I ask you to pull out some problems to tackle. How many of us would pick other peoples problems from the pile? I would pretty much bet that everyone would quietly take out their own problems and walk away.


We cannot judge someone else’s life based on the problems they have or the lack of the problems that we have. Each person is going through their own challenges. The affirmation or mantra I use every day is ” I welcome each support and challenge I face today with love, gratitude and wisdom”

The problems we each face no matter how terrible we may think they are, have been given to us and created by the universe for us in fact by our design. Why? So that we can grow from each challenge. Love your challenges first otherwise your challenges will love you more.

Gratitude, love and wisdom.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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