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Trust the path

Pouring rain, cold and damp were my greetings as I walked towards my car. I got in, with a heavy gasp, I started my engine. Training day called for a swim, but I did not feel like it. I made some excuses of home chores and I started making my way home instead of towards the pool. As I continued I decided to stick with the plan and changed course and went to the pool and began to proceed with my swimming drills as per my homework.

I surprised myself and not only did 2x 25 yards without stopping, which mind you I had just recently managed to accomplish, but I pushed myself and was able to do not 3 or 4 but 10 laps without stopping. That was a first. And just to test it out I did again !

But this is not about my swimming accolades. This is about where we start and where we end up and trusting the process. I did not know that I could do this continuous swim when I got into the car. It was unexpected. And that is what life is all about. Living the unexpected with courage and faith. None of us know what any decision that we take in any particular moment as to where it may lead.

We do not have the gift of the creator to see all possibilities and all outcomes of all paths in time and space. Our minds pretend that we have an idea but unless you are Dr Strange with the Time stone ( a Marvel Avengers movie reference) then we do cannot fathom all avenues.

We take the best choice with the best data available to our minds, yes. Yet do we trust our intuition to guide us? Invariably not. And that is why we zig when we should have zagged. Our intuition is our connection of our heart space to the universal mind of intention. If the universe knows all the possibilities, then why not trust it with knowing the next step. Thats is what the heart represents. A gateway to grace.

I am grateful to be able to listen to my intuition at times, perhaps i could work harder still and listen to it more, perhaps we all could use a healthier dose of intuition in our lives. A helping hand of the universe is always there, all we need to do is reach out and grab it.

Trust the process, Trust the plan, Surrender, and let go. The intuition is the GPS to the universe.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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