There are times when we wake up in the morning completely exhausted. Disenchanted with life, not desiring to go to work, not wanting to explore what life has in store, we may fall into this habit pattern and cruise the path of depression, anxiety and lead a stress full life. We spin our wheels over a lifetime to discover that we really are not taking any steps in any tangible direction.

Yet there are other times when we cannot wait to wake up and tackle challenges. We look forward to what the day brings and even more excited about tomorrow’s adventures.

The difference lies in what inspires us to take inspired actions towards our inspired vision. When we do not feel we HAVE to go do something and when we CHOOSE to do it reveals its origins. When we have to do anything it comes from an outside motivation, the carrot on the stick idea. We are pushed to do actions based on an external source to keep ourselves in motion.

Yet when we CHOOSE to do anything it stems from an inward inspiration. No one or nothing external makes us move, we do it from the heart. Sometimes it takes an external stimuli to open ourselves to recognize the inner inspiration, but true inspiration comes from within.

Whether it is 9 steps or 10000 steps in the day, the magic happens when we take the FIRST step towards a goal or an ideal. This step is birthed in the heart and released into the world in the form of action.

It is when we awaken to our inner dream, that knowing deep within, that the most amazing magic unfolds.

Stay inspired, and take infinite steps on your journey of inspiration.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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