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Level 2 crossfit trainer

Finally this happened…

Received my Level 2 Crossfit Trainer certification.

For me this has been a long journey of self realization of functional movement. Guess my path started many years ago when I was over weight, unhealthy inside and out. Never really exercised, and just ate non nourishing choices.

I made the decision to change. Not just physically, but mentally as well. Our behaviors have everything to do with how we choose to live. Any shift towards exercise or eating healthier requires a shift in behavior. It requires a connection to our WHYs. My why was big enough and so the how took care of itself in a manner of speaking. I joined Crossfit for the first time.

It was not until several years later I decided to learn to become a coach and teach what I had learned. So I became a Crossfit level 1. But my heart really desired to teach kids, so I then got more training and became certified in Crossfit Kids. After all, children are easier to mold into functional movements that they will carry throughout their lifetimes than adults who sometimes are hardwired with older non functional movements that lead to long term restrictions in mobility and potential for injury.

Inspired by my friend and coach Paul Lentini ( a level 3 Crossfit coach) I decided to further my studies and pursued now the Level 2. I had been trying to get trained for over a year but covid kept posting all the available classes.

Got it done. Ready to help, teach and coach Crossfit for the betterment of functional movements towards a healthier lifestyle and increased longevity.

Thank you to my wifey Nitika Bhatnagar for her tolerance of my constant pursuit of lifestyle and health excellence

Thank you to my friend Paul lentini for his ever present vast knowledge and support of my madness to break the limits of the human body

Looking forward to helping more people achieve their highest potential in mind, body and spirit.

Can you spot your favorite cardiologist in the photo?


I love you

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