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A cup of coffee

A week ago, a friend reached out to me who I had not seen in almost 2 years. We had tried to catch up several times but “other priorities” seem to have always taken over. So when I got the text message, I responded by saying “ let’s meet” and I gave him a time, and we met for a cup of coffee. It was great to set aside some time to converse and exchange ideas and thoughts, as so much had happened since we last met. I was reminded of a little story I thought would share. Perhaps you have heard of it.

A professor stood before his class and without uttering a word he pulled out a large empty jar from his bag and started to put 2 inch sized rocks into the jar and then asked the class if the jar was full. The students said yes.

He smiled and then took out a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar and asked again if the jar was full. The students agreed that it was full this time.

He quietly picked up a glass of sand and poured it into the jar. The jar filled any remaining areas in the jar. He asked again if the jar was full. They all laughed and they were certain that now the jar was full. He placed the jar next to a cup of coffee.

He then proceeded to explain the experiment. The jar signifies life. The rocks are the truly important things such as family, health and relationships. If all was lost and only the rocks would remain, life would still be meaningful. The pebbles are the other things in life such as work or school. The sand represents the small stuff in life and material possessions.

If one puts the sand first then there will be no room for the rocks or pebbles. If we spend all our time and energy in life for the small stuff, we will not have time for the more meaningful things in life that are truly important. Any other combination of filling the jar or our life except for the one mentioned fails the priorities of life.

So the lesson I learned was to focus on the things that are critical to my happiness. Taking the time for self wellness, spending time with family or friends is priority for there is always time to go to work or clean the house later. Take care of the rocks first, then the pebbles then the sand.

A student then asked what about the cup next to the jar. The professor replied. “ There is always time to have a cup of coffee with friends !”

SO that was my learning. High priority goals lead to high priority actions that lead to high priority results, just don’t forget the time to spend to take care of yourself and your time with others, time is infinitely limited.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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