My dear friend,

If I could free you of all your unknown pains,

If I could breathe life into your aching bones,

If I could afford you the relief of your restless nights,

If I could show you the starlight of your day’s freedom,

If I could bequeath unto you only soulful joy and eternal bliss,

If I could unfold the sacredness of your heart and reveal to you it’s hidden truths,

If I could only reflect to you your Light and strength found within you,

If I could only magnify your vision of the cellular universe,

If I could do all this on your journey, I would

I try each moment of each breath

Do you listen?

I am that which resides within the petals of your unbroken beating heart,

I patiently await our brief conversations,

I am the silence of your agitated voice,

I am the spirited Light of your actions,

I am LOVE,

I am YOU.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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