Early one morning I woke with the silence of the room. I felt into the stillness and felt a warmth in my heart. In a spontaneous moment of reflection I saw a very beautiful truth. Thought I would share it with you.

It is not that we are searching for moments of clarity in an attempt to discover who we are.

It is in fact we already know who we are but have moments of distractions in which we forget who we are.

On most days these moments of distractions expand out to the entire day yet at some point we do have glimpses of clarity.

When we begin to judge,we get distracted from our vision and then we lack the ability to see where we are truly navigating. Life gives us these amazing experiences so we can push ourselves to find ourselves.

Yet when we ignore these lessons, we also ignore our jeweled gifts that are there behind the veiled intelligence of divine insights. There are some days that bring hours of robust understanding to our inner knowing and the truth is revealed with the candle light of our wisdom.

Yet other days it feels like the darkness is all encompassing with no beacon of guidance. The monotony of life is only challenged more by the dullness of the experiences. However at times we see a tiny pinhole in the dark curtain of our lives, and stream of light pours in. Then another pinpoint of light enters through.

At some instance when enough pin point of universal expression have entered the void within, we will see only light all around us, replacing the shadows.

This expansiveness is us.

This light is the truth

This abundance of magic is who we really are.

Eventually if we allow our heart to witness this amazing transformation, we bring ourselves to our highest potential and talents. When we embody our divinity, we are able to alchemize life into love.

The light is always there. The light never left.

It is just our filters we have placed on our eyes, like sunglasses.

It is a Time to see.

It is a Time to feel.

It is a time to discover the truth

it is a wondrous time to be whole with one Self without judgement, distraction, emotional conflicts.

It is a time for authentic communication

That time to NOW

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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