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Exploring the shadows

The fireworks of hope in the new year bring the sparks of violence as the first of the 12 months set off with a bang in the nation’s capitol. The volatility of emotions are brewed in the cauldron of our consciousness overrun by the ingredients of frustration, hate, anger and disbelief. The world has been stirred for decades by the fingers of corruption, greed, jealousy and malice, hoping to putrefy the collective of humanity. To what end I do not know.

Yet peace gives way to violence. Calm gives way to chaos. Anger gives way to serenity. Corruption gives way to transparency. We are in an age of flux and like all other ages that have come before, we are asked to find the center point of balance. This is no different. Humanities re-actions have been a continuous volley to the actions of others. Instead of connection, we re-act. Instead of understanding, we blame. Instead of embrace we shame.

Most are caught in the endless swing of the pendulum of the tides and polarities of judgments and mindsets without truly pausing at the center point of love. What is one man’s hero, is another woman’s villain and vice versa, the mud slinging is endless till one day…. till one day. Humanities emotions are being evoked and provoked by its endless impulses and instincts fueled by the fires of century old actions of power and control of the few, and now the many. This abuse can no longer go unnoticed as the checks and balances of our conscience pleads for resolve.

Yet we each are the universal expression through all our myriad of individual bubbling feelings, reactions and expressions. Our actions are born from our minds and not always from our hearts, as if they were, we would find that we are in fact much much more. We are expressions of divine consciousness. Each of us, no matter the most sinful or the saintly, is divine, but it is our behaviors that drop that frequency into the mundane.

What is going on in the world as a whole is the pendulum swinging back to find the zero point of transparency through uprisings as the voices of the subdued and suffocated souls mark the way to the next epoch. The tinder has been stacked for a long time, and the pandemic, the stranglehold of constricting laws, the political scenes are all simply the match to set the world ablaze, so that one day the Phoenix of love rises from the ashes.

Tolerance, compassion and love are the Watch words for the journey to the next era as humanity stumbles to find itself on the dark floors of its own doing. We search for the compass points to safety not from our minds but from our open hearts.

From Shadow into the light. The journey is far from over, but the path is lit with the lamps of our ancestral guides and divine angels and our own inner awakenings. The question we are invited to ask ourselves each day.. Do we dare to step into the light and walk this path?


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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