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Using your gifts

DO you know what hidden gifts you were sent this past year? What did you learn and discover? How can these be forged in the bellows of our hearts and sown in to the earth of 2021?

Sometimes we feel that the weight of the world has to be carried on our shoulders. We alone bear this burden. Yet we are not alone. Nor do we bear this weight alone. We bear it for the collective yet with the collective together. We do not need to try to bear it, we can just simply be.

When we push and pull against the threads and odds of life we may feel the struggle as we overreach and burn our candles through and through. It is in uncovering these insecurities that lie the invitation to put down the burden and feel the help from within.

Our true gift is perhaps in recognizing how much we have achieved as individuals and as a whole. To witness our growth and pour that transformed love into the world once more. Letting go of what no longer serves and bringing forth our uniqueness is a gift in itself.

Taking the time to listen to the needs of our body, mind, heart and soul is a skill that most do not possess but have the ability to learn and perfect.

Pause. Honor. Nourish. And pay attention to our well being. It is in doing this that we serve the whole of Gaia. When we allow ourselves to settle, we are not giving up or asking for 2nd best, but indeed we permit ourselves to then launch into the next phase of the mystery and explore the jungle of the unknown with enthusiasm and presence.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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