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Gratitude starts with something small

And so it begins.. I dawn on my yellow jacket and winter comes.. or is it that winter comes and I dawn on my yellow jacket..

I feel immense gratitude for this jacket..

For its warmth on cold windy days… its brightness of color so I don’t get lost while skiing

For its snug feel.. for its numerous hidden pockets to store apparel

I felt the gratitude deeply for this jacket as it protects me this winter season…

So why am I talking about this jacket.. well it’s like anything really. How you do one thing is how you do everything!

When you begin your day with gratitude for even the simplest of things you can expand out the gratitude to everything

Start with the smallest of objects in your house, or on your person,… then let it radiate out to the people around you.. your family.. your loved ones.. and your SELF..

I love my yellow mustard coat… it loves me back

“When we are grateful for the smallest things in life, we will be given bigger things to be grateful for ” – dr Bhatnagar
I love you

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