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Perspectives of a snail

There are times when I feel life is moving too fast… I feel life is throwing experiences and events at me so fast that I cannot even comprehend how to process them

Monday turns to friday.. and Friday into Monday in a blink of an eye…. life is traveling at light speed these days and years!

The universe is sending me signals but I feel like a small snail in a vast cosmos unable to keep up or understand what decision to take next…. which step to move towards…

Sound familiar?

It is in these moments.. where the wisest thing i can do is to STAY STILL for a while…..

simply BREATHE into these fast paced glimpses and LEAN into them…

OPEN my HEART out to the experience and allow the lesson to pour into my body


become the snail and experience life at a different pace… to the HEART BEAT of the universe

When I open myself to truly FEEL all the feelings percolate in my heart.. the decisions come with clarity

TRUST the brewing of my feelings in the cauldron of my heart and allow the next step to reveal itself

Life may be fast paced.. or at least perceived to be so… it is MY CHOICE to change how I perceive it.. and then DECIDE my next ACTION step

As the snail said ” warp speed ahead and then paused, rested… remained still… then crossed the road of the universe with wisdom ”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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