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Courage or stupidity

There are times when we are faced with adversity and pushed into a corner.

Life may feel unfair and we may feel like a victim. We may feel that everyone is against us and out to hurt us. Yet it is in these moments we may choose to build up the courage to rise beyond our fears and despite knowing that it might hurt, push through and accomplish our goal anyway.

Here is the rub. This also works for stupidity !! We know that it may hurt physically , or emotionally or mentally but we push through and do it anyway.

Yet it is in knowing and understanding discernment that we grow. Courage is seeing the benefits to our actions and recognizing the drawbacks of the actions. Then by seeing these simultaneously we create gratitude. It is through gratitude that we can see the balance of support and challenge and evolve.

Stupidity only sees a one sided polarized outcome of perhaps just benefits but in any case it falters short of the bigger perspective.

Life can be hard or easy depending on the perception, we just require a little discernment


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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