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The clogged sink

Clogged sink ! Again….and again…

Tried everything..but it keeps getting clogged.

When things like this happen… there is usually a sign or a message from the universe

I decided to contemplate this one… so I asked the questions… just like the water stagnation and clog…. where in my life am I stagnated in my growth or clogged in my progress?

It was a beautiful contemplation as I unwrapped several layers and then went deeper to discover the triggers or seeds to these levels

Where am I stagnated in my work, or in my relationships, or with my finances?

Where am I clogged with old ideas, harmful judgments, or bad habit patterns?

Where am I stagnated with ancestral traditions that no longer serve, or mindsets that are not my own?

Where am I clogged with the same work outs or unhealthy eating habits?

With deeper contemplation it became more and more evident where the root cause of the stagnation lay…. unresolved fears….

I could see how I could now become unclogged and allow for flow in those experiences….

And so the evolutionary process began anew

When we Stay open to clues in our life that are nudging and hinting the way to our personal growth we stay open to change

Universal wisdom is dynamic and ever present.. tap in to the clues… grow…get results

Sometimes it starts with a Clogged sink to guide us to become present and explore
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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