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Influencig children

Woke up early this morning at 5am with this thought that needed to be penned.

The influence upon children was my impactful thought

We are living in a world of continuous change and turmoil, and this effects our emotions on a daily basis. Simply look at the political situation in the USA at the moment as an example. Every adult is emotionally influenced by it in one fashion or the other, pro or con. But the fact of the matter is that why are the children being effected by it too.?

I heard a neighborhood kid telling my son “ I am so glad I voted for…….” Wait a minute, you did not vote for anyone. You are a kid, who does not even know how to spell Mr……..” When I heard this I was shocked as children do not know anything about the political scene, all they do is pick up the emotional states of their parents, and then teachers, and their peers.

Children should not be effected by the decisions of parents.

Children should remain innocent of these adult matters till they gather enough information as to be able to independently decide how their fate is to be influenced by those in political stance. This is exactly how generational hatred is locked within the DNA and allows for emotional inheritance.

Remember the time when you were angry about a political party or the color of someone’s skin, or their gender or their religious heritage. Where do you think you got those feelings from? As a child you were born “ innocent” or did you inherit those memories through your generational DNA? This DNA is ancestral which is adaptive, self regulating, alive and breathing in every cell. It carries the knowledge to evolve, old memories , wounds, and timeline breaks. If it carries the wisdom of growth it carries equally the hurts, pains and turmoils of old.

It is pliable and malleable but still comes from timeline memories so despite your hatred maybe situational but it carries on for tomorrow the repressed memories of the past. ( we still have codons from millions years ago within our human DNA from dinosaurs)

In my opinion there is no need to talk to kids about politics. There is no need to watch TV about politics at the dinner table, or for them to overhear conversations by parents on these matters. Politics is for adults not children. They will have different political leaders when they grow up and are ready , but they are not ready NOW, and do not need to be prepared by parents, teachers and peers at this age for a topic that will change rapidly.

Some will say that that they need to be taught for the sake of history. I disagree. Who writes history? Who erases history? Victors. ( a polarized archive of human timelines !) Most of history taught in classrooms is completely untrue.

Children do NOT need to taught how to build a future through the RUINS of the past, but instead be allowed to grow througH IMAGINATION , WONDER, CREATIVITY and LOVE in order to create the future generations. A parents IMBALANCED judgments are not the sins to be lived by the kids, even though children will EXPRESS that which the parents REPRESS. And I am not referring to simply political strife but to any prejudice, hatred, bigotry towards any person, or peoples of any form of difference not just confined to differences of political views, race, color, gender, religion etc.

We do not create the future health by poisoning it. This is how you break the past, by allowing space for the new to grow, not in the fields of hate and fear but in the forests of wisdom.

This was an important lesson for me to learn.

Children are not to be whipped by our judgments not must be allowed to have the scars of ur fears. They learn everything from us adults at a young age as they imitate us in every way. There is no reason for them to imitate our fears.

We fear what we do not know. Now you and I know. CHANGE.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight


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