What is food ?

To the average human food is a life sustaining entity. But I will tell you that there are people who can be fasting not just for days or weeks but months and be able to survive. What level are we willing to accept the survival is the question. I mean some athletes consume over 10000 calories a day in their training and then there are yogis who consume that much in a year. It depends on what we need this food or fuel for.

Some foods are nutritious and have good healing properties on our bodies and some have just the opposite. Some foods are inflammatory and some are non inflammatory. Some put us to sleep and some rejuvenate us with vitality. You probably know what I mean as things like alcohol, sultery desserts heavy fatty fried foods may not agree with our system and some times dairy or nuts or gluten do not agree with our system, but other foods do. We keep an unconscious tally of all foods that help or hurt us.

Each person is unique to be able to consume or not consume certain foods, vegetables, beverages and so on. Each person is unique because each person’s DNA is unique and so the foods interact with our DNA creating certain outcomes. Think of it as certain food DNA acting with human DNA. So the food DNA could be from plant DNA or dead animal byproduct DNA. Some of this food DNA can harm us and some integrate well.

So if food is DNA then that means that food has information. Encoded pieces of knowledge locked in the strands that is released when in contact with our cells after digestion. In the process a whole host of hormones, inflammatory markers,enzymes cytokines all are released in response to the coming food, ( and sometimes the process begins with just seeing or smelling the food !)

This information in the food then interacts with our unique DNA and then either reacts or integrates causing inflammation or assimilation , or better known as disease or health. If the food is healthy and life sustaining then the food transformed allows the DNA to give us nourishment and good health. If it is not healthy then the food DNA and our DNA have an all out war in our system that makes us tired, lethargic, joints hurt, hormones spike, and then other diseases manifest over the course of time.

So the next time you pick up that beverage or that spoon filled with eye popping dessert or you ready to dig into your meal plate, ask yourself nay ask your body, your DNA do I really want this or am I eating to satisfy some craving or void in my life. ( That is another post on mindful eating !)

Your body is the temple you live in. Try not to pollute it.

Your DNA will thank you.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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