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Future is now

Interesting story

So the other day i am sitting with my 4.7 year old at 5am for breakfast ( yes that’s when she is up and we have a little father daughter quiet time)

She is eating her toast and I decided to close my eyes listening to some nice meditative music.

I suddenly feel a little hand touch my arm and bury itself in my hand. (But thats not the weird part)

I feel the hand to grow and be that of an adult. In my minds eye she has grown up to be an older woman and I am much much older. I feel my hand to have aged too. ( but that’s not the weird part)

I sense I am an old man and this is the last time I hold her hand and in some way saying good bye as I begin to die (but that’s not the weird part)

This old man turns his head and in that instant I can see his face as he turns to look at ME …the present self !

He says “i am content with my life, I would not change any of it. I did everything I wanted to with what I had. WE did great things to change the world and for the family. I am ready to leave”

I look at this wrinkled face and smile. I ask “who are you?”

He replies “I am you”

I am speechless

He says one last thing ” it will all be fine, all you have to do is act. Take the leap and do those goals you lay awake dreaming about every night. I am proof that they all come true”

And then like a bolt from the blue i was back in my body holding my 4.7 year old daughter’s hand

My interpretation was that ALL timelines occur simultaneously… the past, present, the future are all occurring in this moment. The veil between these worlds are thin spanning time and space.

Trust your intuition, see the dream, and live yur goals to the fullest..

Use every talent, gift, resource you have to the fullest… you are making your future in this moment and in every moment

Do not live a life of regret, but live a life full of love

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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