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Welcome Loves to the New moon of 20/2020

This is a powerful astronomical phenomenon. As part of the preparation work that the full moons, eclipses, new moons have all done, we enter the deeper corridors of our consciousness.

A beautiful opportunity to explore the depths of our sacredness and connect back to our soul for guidance. An awakening of deepest soul wisdom provides us with the insights for the future. The past is healed as we reunite with all the parts of ourselves that we have not yet owned or loved.

The planetary orbits though slowing down and to some it may feel that the last few months have been unproductive, or they have been in a funk, to others it was a productive season, yet the universe has been still working to bring things out into our awareness. These planetary shift in gears allows for more reflection, contemplation, review and reassessment.

New moons are time for renewal. This one is about stability. The clutch is down and the gear shifts with ease as we resettle into a different speed.

Each of us may face different symptoms of our own ascension. Such as insomnia, headaches, vivid dreams, nausea, feelings of wanting to be left alone, desire to connect to sacred places. It is wise to spend moments of quiet contemplation and journal all that is coming up for us. There are patterns hidden inside the signs or symbols that we may encounter in life, in the dreams of our thoughts at night, or in the voices of people, or even in our daily movements.

Keep track of it all and look for what emerges. It may be helpful to sit with all this and simply ask a question “ What am I ready to receive as part of my evolution?”

Patience is key as we wait to hear, see, feel for the answers as we tune in to the wisdom of our bodies. Honor the body with adequate hydration, healthy nutrition, rest, and allow the next step to unfold.

The Lions Gate gateway begins july 26 and culminates with the star alignments till the peak of 8/8 gateway. ( more on this later) Sufficed to note this gateway will ring in a new level of shifts and insights.

Enjoy the magic and the wonder of the cosmos and the universal consciousness as the merge to help us evolve to our next quantum level.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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