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If you are anything like me, then you have experienced the last several days to be chaotic and disorienting. Since the last lunar eclipse it has been one challenge after another. Each time new awarenesses multiplied by older confusions have been waking up.

Today is no different. The Solstice and solar eclipse are here. A wonder of possibilities, a plethora of opportunities all hang in the balance as the next cycle begins. In the stand still of the Sun between light and dark a balance point of zero point manifests. This is the fulcrum point of all creation. The cacophony of anger, hatred,and unrest begins to find a new sedimentation as the next layer arrives.

A call for collaboration and not division, a call for healing and love and not strife filters through this funnel of energetic corridor to bring balance to all those who awaken to the splendor of 5D consciousness. Heart, mind and body all chime to the symphony of self expression and self responsibility as we once again are held accountable to our species and our planet.

During eclipses we are all flooded by the galactic plasma light that is like a tsunami of energy that shifts us from a molecular level throughout our lifetimes. We align ourselves from the central sun and the planetary fields as we begin our waltz of awakening, transformation, and transmutation. We let go of old programming and enter the world anew.

There is lot of fear in the collective. This lower frequency energy must be held to the torch of light and burned in our fields of consciousness. We download and awaken the new higher frequency programming of our own inner wisdom within our DNA as the eclipse passes. These eclipse gateways so far have proven nothing but turbulent as we ride our emotional waves that lead to growth, expansion and new ideas, enterprises and paths.

Our world has reached a crisis point of no return and the only chance is to move forward. We transform from the selfishness of self to the collective ness of unity, yet not with an isolated agenda of one group, but one of epic proportion. This magnifies as we align to our galactic center. As we ascend the vortex of this immeasurable tree of life and open our hearts we cancel out discordant frequencies by plasma interference and enter the zero point of transformative alchemy.

Anything that does not resonate with cosmic harmony dissolves. We begin to transcend quantum entanglement. WE are united in a common goal of love and this becomes more evident when do not subjugate but instead collaborate to bring about a global vision for all not of the few.

We are at a tipping point of human consciousness. A momentum is building towards multi dimensional living, innovation, and creation of a new world of love and light. Now is certainly not the time to step off the gas.

Step into the light. It is nourishing. It is inviting. It is abundant.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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