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2020 the year of transformation


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

2020 was the “supposed” to be the year of great transformation. Everyone proclaimed it to be so.

Yet it begins with the covid 19 that has shut everything down.

Cant celebrate birthdays by going out to restaurants

Cant travel anywhere

Cant visit any fun places.

Cant goto the movies ( and so will miss all the amazing movies lined up for early spring and summer start dates)

The list goes on endlessly. For every human desire, there is now a reason why we cant and we blame it on the virus.

2020 was supposed to herald a new age, a new beginning.

Yet it still does.

If we dare to look carefully, this is a profound and deep reset of our very being, our planet and our values.

We are learning more about ourselves and that of our fears than ever before

we are pushed to slow down to discover the very pulse beat of our heart through kindness, connection offline, patience.

We are unraveling the most important values that we hold dear by filtering out all the daily noise that we simply take in as normal

We face challenges that have been unprecedented and find that we are stronger than we thought despite our fears.

We are forced to ask questions that will reveal truth

We are simply asked to look into our past wounds and heal them in order to move forward.

2020 is the year of profound transformation. A unique opportunity in our DNA evolution to jump to the next quantum shift.

It may be time to instead of trying to hide from our shadow and this virus, attempt to create something NEW with our lives, and explore the texture of the challenge by simply observing what the new normalcy holds for us going forward.

2020 is our year, our revelatory decade, a new beginning

2020 is our greatest gift hidden inside a potent challenge
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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