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It is time…


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

I am compelled to ask the question why are we faced with the corona virus?

I can easily fall into all the conspiracy theories and begin to blame nefarious groups for the release of this virus for the purpose of world domination and power.

I can just as easily blame an outside deity who releases his vengeful wrath onto societies sins and evils.

I can even say this is the end of days and we are galloping into the apocalypse

however I would be denying myself the opportunity to explore my own consciousness.

the truth of the matter is that this virus was created through our mass consciousness by us for a very distinct reason …. to face our fears.

Each of us carry fears through our judgments, memories, experiences and collectively continue to keep looking outside of ourselves for a savior.

We look outside of ourselves for help by government, or attach to outside entertainment, or external stimulus yet do not dare to look within for answers.

so we collectively create an external virus to push us back to seek the answers within,

We are forced to stay indoors and connect to ourselves.

We are pushed from outside to face our judgments, prejudices, old wounds

We are sent internally by an external force to look for answers for ourselves and within our community and not wait for big government or big economics to save us.

We are at the precipice of a massive change as a collective not just as individuals.

The fear withIN has manifested the fear withOUT to force us to see the challenge from the outside to discover the magic and the beauty of the human heart from within.

This is a time not to remain in fear, but to instead to embrace it, grow from it, learn from it.

this is a time to ask ” What do we want for ourselves? ” and ” How do we create a better future for ALL of humanity ?”

It is a time to work through those fears that we have long since carried as heavy burdens from lifetime to lifetime, eon to eon.

The corona is not our enemy.

We are our own enemy and have manifested this little virus to teach us about what is important in our lives.

It is a time to disconnect from our madness of technology, social hype of comparison, the insanity of the ” me me me” and connect back to the WE.

The opportunity to open our hearts to each other begins with being vulnerable enough to open our hearts to our own truths of WHO we are and WHY we are here.

It is a time of beautiful transformation that will push us to change the paradigms and the securities of our mind, economics and social constructs.

It is a time to discover our inner balance and not remain subordinate to outside influences.

It is this new threat that will bring us all not only together, but will set each of us free to seek the light within.

As a whole, we will defeat this external vector

For as a whole we have brought it here into existence, in this time and in this space.

It is time to ground the fantasies into realities

I have been on this journey to explore the depths of the nature of fear for over a decade, perhaps even an entire lifetime.

When I listen to my open heart, I hear the silence.

It is in this silence I find my replies to the questions of my mind.

So will you.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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