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Functional exercise

Most of my posts are all about MIND,SPIRIT, CONSCIOUSNESS

Yet you cannot have these without a synced BODY and HEART.

In my practice and daily way of life I talk a lot about


So to that end I have been doing the same with my kids at home. 8 year old and the 4 year old.

Created a couple of workouts that I thought I would share to start off the week

1. Meditation.. simple 2 minutes of breathing exercises ( inhale and exhale and being present)
2. Stretch… This includes banded stretching of arms and legs, pigeon pose, couch stretch, bending neck and the back in all directions, stretching out shoulders, banded good mornings
3. A quick FOCUS on the form of the work out movements that I program for the day
4. A quick cardio warm up. It can be running if weather permits or a variety of movements to increase their Heart rates. So the one I did was the TABATA. ( 20 seconds of word 10 seconds of rest) for the following movements in order.. JUMPING JACKS, MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS, PUSH UPS, PLANK PUSH UPS, SQUAT WITH SIDE KICK, SQUAT WITH JUMP, LYING DOWN STRAIGHT RIGHT LEG RAISING, LYING DOWN STRAIGHT LEFT LEG RAISING, T ROTATION, HIP BRIDGE RAISE. TOTAL TIME 5MIN
5. The work out for the 8 year old using a 3lb DB 10 double bell snatches and 10 burpees for 3 rounds…. Focusing on the double snatch form and then speed work with burpees. For the 4 years fold who whined about doing 5 of each movement.. I made her do 3 of each movement but then increased it to 5 rounds !!
6. Then strength core work for each. The 8 y old had to hold a 10lb KB in a squat for 10 seconds. Repeat 3x. For the 4 year old using a 3lib dumbbell for the 10 seconds. Repeat 3x
7. Cool down and stretch.

They loved it !!

This was something we did together as a family and had fun.

Exercise is not meant to be torture. It is meant to be fun and entertaining.

Health is not just exercise.. but the correct nutrition, sleep, mindsets, attitudes.

Not motivated ? Seek out a friend who can assist you, or join a gym, find a coach, join a crossfit box, enroll your kids in sports or a crossfitkids program.

Keep moving, keep healthy.

I vary the work outs to make it fun, but this is something you can try at home for yourself or for your kids.. just cary rounds, weights, duration, and movements.

Hope you have an inspired day ahead.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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