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Eating cake

“It’s your birthday !! Yay Lets celebrate with some delicious cake….”

“You lost that race ? That’s ok lets go and have some feel good delicious cake. ”

So the first expression is to fall into the socially acceptable and quite traditional rhetoric of jubilation with high sugary, or high fat foods to continue to allow the continual high of the occasion.

The dopamine continues to remain elevated as we now add external sources of high sugar foods to maintain that euphoria of a pleasant or happy outcome.

In the second expression we rely on external sources to counteract the hormones that are making us feel depressed. Our internal hormones take us down from a prideful state and the external high sugary foods try to get us back up again.

Yet what if the depressed hormones are actually there to serve a purpose. Well I mean lets face it, if it did not serve a purpose why would it be there right ?

So lets explore this for a second. Why would one have the hormones that bring us down?

To help balance out the elation or fantasy of what we experienced especially when it “did not pan out “.

The drop in euphoria allows us to SELF REGULATE our emotions and in this lull phase explore the next stage of our plan.

When we feel down, there is an inner stirring to alchemize the situation that has transpired.

To allow this “rest ” as we gather our strategies and strength to launch to the next level of our quantum journey.

We are to internally ride the wave of our emotions and to allow what is to come up for us to learn, to be the guiding light to the next peak.

Yet we rob ourselves from understanding this INTERNAL process and SELF GOVERN, when we jump in and externally bring in the food groups that artificially push us out of our down phase.

This of course is temporary, as soon after the junk food effect wears off, we are back to dealing with emotions that are in need of balancing.

Same applies with going on the “high phase” of celebration and euphoria. We are designed to regulate these emotions internally and bring ourselves back into balance, yet this does not happen if we are externally kept in that state with alcohol, desserts, high fat foods ( basically fun foods that helps cope with good or bad stress)

SELF GOVERNANCE comes from our internal thermostat being adjusted and not using external reward mechanisms.

It is through self regulation that the self accountability, stability and balance emerge to afford us the opportunity to succeed.

It is NOT external validation or support that will bring about the desired response of our inner most inspiration to come to light.

External motivation is rarely the solution to the internal magic of the heart.

Know your foods, how they effect you but understand your emotions first…. What are they trying to tell you.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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